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Nelco Supply Company was started in 1994 by Craig Nelson who had previously operated a contractor tool supply business. In the early 1990’s we saw the arrival of the “Big Box” stores representing many product segments. The one segment that has never survived “Big Box” marketing has been the janitorial and maintenance supply business. While a small selection of supplies we sell can also be found at “grab & go” stores or warehouse clubs…many of our products require consultation or training in order to obtain the desired results. Those “results” could be a fresh smelling restroom, shiny floor, efficient towel dispenser, or proper use of a chemical to get the job done safely.  By offering our expertise you will save time and money…..using the process of “trial and error” is frustrating for sure!  Great product selection, expert advice and free delivery are the big reasons why you will enjoy doing business with Nelco Supply Co.


Nelco Supply has a product focus on 4 categories: Janitorial, Lighting, Safety, and Packaging. Our 500 page catalog goes well beyond these 4 areas with additional products such as foodservice items, break room supplies, and entrance mats . We have also become a trusted source for ice melting products in the winter months for facility managers and contractors.


We recently moved to a 10,000 square foot retail store and warehouse facility located on the downtown Woodward Avenue Loop. Be sure to stay on the INSIDE (left side) of the loop as you proceed around Woodward and know that you must turn on Lafayette Street to access our driveway. Click on the “How to Find Us” link on the main page of this site for a Video “trip” of the journey to Nelco Supply.


Enough about us…what about YOUR facility? We are happy to stop by and help you solve your maintenance challenges. Click on the “Request for Quote” link on the home page, send an email, or just give us a call…we look forward to “adopting” you into the family at Nelco Supply!