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MicroFiber Madness

An Amazing Cleaning Solution

Over the past decade microfiber products have arrived in many forms and are now a standard part of most light duty cleaning solutions. Cleaning challenges can be split into 2 categories: LIGHT and HEAVY duty and these can be identified by the amount of soil initially present. When a cleaning situation has a heavy amount of soil, food, or dirt present then it is a HEAVY duty task. These require that we first remove the soil with a broom, vacuum (wet or dry), and disposable rags (cloth or paper) or other method. Once a pre-cleaning process has been implemented, then the situation becomes a LIGHT duty task. Now a microfiber product can be used to do a final cleaning process. There are no microfiber products that are designed for heavy cleaning because microfiber is a microscopic-synthetic fiber that is woven into a cloth, duster, cleaning pad, or mop. Micro FiberThe strands have microscopic “hooks” that grab and hold dirt until the product is laundered.   Can you imagine if you dragged a small “hook” through a pile of mud…how well would it work afterword? Light duty tasks that do not require a heavy cleaning process would be wiping counters/desks or cleaning windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces. For light duty cleaning either no chemicals are needed or a very small amount of cleaner may be required. The best product to use for most windows is distilled water since it has no mineral content to leave behind.  If a heavy amount of cleaning is NOT required then use a microfiber rag to polish the surface for a streak-free shine.

As you can see in the picture, we have several different microfiber products…we even have a towel with a “scrubbing” surface on each corner for windows with a mineral based build-up or “haze”. Our rags come in several different colors….color-code your cleaning to avoid germ transfer or cross-contamination. We recommend blue for windows, green for dusting, yellow or orange for general purpose wet cleaning, and red for restroom areas. Launder your microfiber in cold or warm water (never hot) and place in the dryer on low heat for 10 minutes maximum followed by air drying. You will get the maximum amount of life from microfiber products if you avoid using a dryer and air dry only.